Monday, October 25, 2010

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones, But Words' Wounds Cut Deeper

Words have only the power they are allowed.  That is not to say that anyone in particular is in control.  Words meant to hurt can hurt, but only if who recieves them is hurt.  This is the basic idea: words only have the power you, personally, ascribe to them.

Gods can hear our words.  Gods are not energy, I think; rather, gods are like light, and have a dual nature (rays and particles, eg).  They are affected by our words, but only as living beings (for what are gods but physical? manifestations of life?).  That's why gods can't affect you if you don't believe in them; the only change they can offer is in words, and words we don't believe in just pass us by.  But belief is far from simple.  I still struggle with belief.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

realities (aka the multiverse)

I need to meditate more on my concept of reality.  Because I think of realities as personal and individual, I thought there was not center.  But then how does anything happen at all?  The easy answer is that there's one central happening.  A core.  But that can't be, because what happens is subjective.  It's like Plato's Forms.  The problem with the Forms is the inevitability of infinite regression.  The Forms are what's real, adn all we see/experience are the shadows.  But since the shadows are a reality in themselves and are different from the "truth," there must be some embodiment of the difference.

My realities are parallel only in the sense that they exist.  Actually they aren't parallel at all; they are discrete events, strung together like a filmstrip or a flipbook.  So is there fate?  No.  Everything that will ever exist exists now (not that there's a present) but the path a consciousness takes is fairly random.  Not random, of course, because of the bell curve and parsimony and Occam's Razor, but far more random (or apparently random) than consciously concievable.