I have two dogs and two cats. I love horses and ride whenever I get a chance. I live mostly with my mother in Rochester, NY, and with my grandparents, also in Rochester, but now I live on campus at SUNY Geneseo. I'm a biology major, and I want to... I'm not really sure what I want to do.  I am fascinated with parasitology, and what I'd really love to do is get my PhD and work as a specialist in a hospital.

I started forming my faith when I was young, because I was raised in a household where faith and religion were non-issues. Neither of my parents is religious at all; in fact, they are both academics and I was raised in a culture of science, reason, and pragmatism. My parents also taught me to love the natural world, and to always stop to smell the flowers. I was raised by the ocean, and I still feel at home when I can hear the waves. The core of my beliefs lies in a concept, my theory of the multiverse, that I came up with when I was seven. I have always rejected organized religion out of hand, abhorring any semblance of a dogma; recently I have accepted a name for my faith and have gained the community that comes with it. I am a druid.

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